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A Tired Fallen Angel

[A tired looking Flonne plops herself down at one of the tables in the main area of the castle. She's tired, but has still been up early, cause she prides herself on being a morning riser, and all.

She's been so busy the past few days. Anyone who decided to stay, either working for Laharl or paying rent or whatever reason, Flonne's done her best to make sure everyone who needs a room has one--not that there's any lack of those in the castle. The trouble was more finding ones that could be made suitable to live in--many being unused for sometime, covered in sheets or dust or both. She's helped clean them (along with getting some prinnies to help,) finding fresh bedding, giving tours of the castle, and just been doing everything she can to try to make everyone feel welcome.

Even if Laharl won't think of them as guests, Flonne still is treating them all as such. So there, Laharl.]

I sure hope that's everyone...
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Then what were you doing all that work for?
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[Wasn't she just complaining about how dusty everything was?]
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You don't owe these people anything. They just showed up here.
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I am being a little hospitable. You're going overboard.
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You're helping out so much you're wearing yourself out. How is that not overboard?
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Well, try not to let them dupe you into doing any more work for them.
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If you say so. You are pretty gullible.
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Hmm... You might be less gullible than when you got here, but that's not saying much.