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[today, somehow, there seems to be something of an oversized frog sitting comfortable on the throne in the throne room, tinkering away at what looks to be one of those Hellberrys. He doesn't seem to be all that bothered by all the electric shocks he's been getting from it, probably a security measure to prevent tampering with the OS and device]

What is it with ass-backwards dimensions and piece of shit technology that go hand in hand with each other? Ku ku kuuu~ A technician's job is never done, da ze~
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sorry for the late!

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[Eventually Laharl emerges from his room to one side of the throne. He doesn't expect to see anyone sitting in it, and indeed he doesn't even bother looking. Even Etna isn't brazen enough to do that sort of thing when he might catch her.

Yeah, he's pretty much just going to hop over the arm of the huge chair and attempt to sit down.]
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an overlord who keeps his own schedule

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[Plop., that doesn't feel right.]

What'd I leave out here?

[Instead of getting up, he reaches down to try to yank out whatever it is from beneath him, fully expecting it to be some sort of toy.]
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What the hell?

[Still... not even sure what he's holding. But it definitely doesn't belong on his throne.]
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[And that's where his expression of bafflement turns into a frown.]

You must be one of those good-for-nothing dimension-hoppers. Why do you all think you're entitled to an audience with me?
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[Laharl looks skeptical, but he extends his arm to drop the weird frog thing onto the floor in front of his throne, where he rightfully ought to be.]

What makes you think you have the solution all of a sudden when my dimensional expert has been staring at this thing for weeks?
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Watch it, toad. That's one of my vassals you're calling a moron. [Only he's allowed to do that. Well, for the ones he thinks aren't actually morons anyway. The frog can call Troubadour and the prinnies whatever he likes.]

If you're so confident about being able to get back, why not just do it?
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Don't tell me winding up in the Netherworld is your idea of a vacation.
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It's "Your Majesty" now.

What use would that be to me? I already know the ins and outs of my world.
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[But that's how you address kings! And he's been doing so well, getting some of the newcomers to actually use his title...]

I don't care about your hobbies. If it's of no use to me, don't bother mentioning it.
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[He was going to snap at him for continuing to go off topic and waste his time, but... this implies the frog might be able to cook. Cooking is a valuable skill.]

Who doesn't like curry?
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Hot enough that it's practically on fire.
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[Laharl watches in bemusement. He finds himself wondering why Jennifer never had Thursday outfitted with any food-making gadgetry. If the frog can do it, it just seems like a super-robot should manage, too.


He probably shouldn't ever mention that to Flonne.]
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Now that's the stuff.

[Luckily Laharl is far from easily burned, and generally only flammable when he chooses to be on fire. He seems very satisfied with his plate of might-as-well-be-lava.]

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