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[Laharl originally came to the library with noble, Overlordly intentions. The evidence of that is in the few large volumes taken off of his father's shelves, lying on the floor with their pages opened to things about other Netherworlds. He may even have read a few of those pages.

But then he got sidetracked, because they were incredibly boring.

He can now be found sitting in another corner of the library reading comic books, a box of snacks clearly labeled "Etna" sitting open at his side.]
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[guess who approaches wearing an apron, a handkerchief over his head and a mask over his face, bearing several cleaning tools]

Overlord Laharl! I have been requesting an audience with you for days!
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Hnngh...! [he drops his tools, sundry mops and brushes and rags, right at his feet]

If I must maintain your castle, can I not do it in your garden? It's terribly neglected!
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Yes! The poisonous plants are hardy, of course, but that doesn't mean they should simply be left to run wild. Or do you intend to let roses overtake the entirety of your castle's exterior?
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[dammit, Laharl, that's your solution for everything! Obviously he'll have to play it a bit smarter...]

...think of it this way: you can take the time to burn flowers or you can simply have me work on them. If I fail, I could die and then you'd have one less interloper around your castle. But if I succeed, it could become a tourist hotspot that would bring in even more income!
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[personal profile] musicalplum 2014-04-14 10:50 pm (UTC)(link)'re too kind. Then I have your permission?
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[He's triumphant! At last, a victory, however small! He's downright giddy, in fact, and he has to restrain himself from shaking Laharl's hand]

Ah! You won't regret it! Thank you!
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Oh. Then...I...I don't thank you!