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[Laharl originally came to the library with noble, Overlordly intentions. The evidence of that is in the few large volumes taken off of his father's shelves, lying on the floor with their pages opened to things about other Netherworlds. He may even have read a few of those pages.

But then he got sidetracked, because they were incredibly boring.

He can now be found sitting in another corner of the library reading comic books, a box of snacks clearly labeled "Etna" sitting open at his side.]
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[Wandering back and forth from one shelf to the next, Stella was carrying a small stack of books that gradually increased in size as she went. She had been told to pay the library a visit and find what books she could that had anything at all to do with cooking. More than likely, the person who had been told to show her the ropes decided they didn't want to and sent her off to keep her out of their hair.

Settling down at a nearby table, she took a brief look over, but said nothing about that box of snacks. Probably a wise move on her part.

Then she began reading from her own selection of books, remaining almost completely silent as she did so. After flipping through the first book in the pile, she looked over again. A little bit of idle conversation probably wouldn't hurt.]

What do you have there? [She didn't expect that it would be any comic she's heard of.]
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Haven't heard of that one. [Unsurprisingly.] I-is it any good?
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[She almost begins to call him out on that, but decides against it. She'd be more-interested in the action anyway; she might be able to take ideas or inspiration from it.]

Do you mind if I start reading the older ones? [During whatever free time she can manage to get. Also, she's assuming that the comics belong to him rather than the library itself.]
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[That level of disorganization is to be expected, really.

Either way, Stella nods in thanks—knowing better than to actually say thanks—and stands up to go look over that shelf to find the first volume, planning to alternate between it and the book she already has open.]
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[She pauses her search to answer.]

Since I'm a student back in the Netherworld I came from, I was told to start studying with whatever I could find here that had to do with cooking.

I think they just don't want me in the kitchen right now, but I'm okay with reading through all of this first to know what I'm doing when I do actually get a chance.

[Yeah, that job that you'd asked both Stella and Soma about? It looks like she'll be taking it seriously.]
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I-if it's something I'm interested in, I don't have any problem with doing it.

[Her statement makes it fairly obvious that she has some kind of interest in learning to cook. He wouldn't know it—yet—but she sees it as an opportunity to get some extra practice with her magic, without the need for fighting.

And cooking something by exploding the crap out of it sounds pretty awesome on paper.]
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No good at cooking, huh? I-I'll keep that in mind.
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[There's a lengthy pause here. The expression Laharl is making here says plenty enough, but she can't help but ask:] bad of an understatement is it?