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[So, how have the past few days treated you? Have you found a place to stay? Have you met some friends? Maybe rested enough to recover your wounds? Well, let’s hope so...

Near the beginning of the afternoon a giant shockwave will rumble through the walls and a large explosion will be heard all across the Castle, causing a huge hole to open up from the gardens. And apparently failing to notice the huge door right next to it.

A few moments later, a few dozen ghosts come pouring in, attacking anyone and everything in sight. And that’s only those who have managed to enter the Castle: the troops have the entire area surrounded.

Finally a few moments later a much bigger and larger ghost shows up, gratuitously posing for everyone to see.]

Alright boys, now that Prince Laharl is long gone, this place is ours. Drive out these old sympathisers, we don’t need a bunch of Krichevskoy losers hanging around. Things are gonna change around here.

[The army of ghosts all stop and salute]

All hail the Ghost Overlord!

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[At some point, a gliding, glowing blue being with no clothes but plenty of claws and magic to go around can be found defending the hospital area from incoming ghosts. As long as they keep coming, she'll send them flying back with Holy missiles and hefty doses of Graviga at those who aren't stunned. She'll even send some fireballs at them, when she's sure they aren't in the way of anything (else?) flammable. The air around her crackles with magic, and she still has plenty more to unleash.]
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[Laharl is not so much defending the area as following wherever there seems to be the greater concentration of enemies. He's lost sight of their leader, but he'll have to show up again once all his minions have been cleared out, right?

He isn't showing nearly the same care as Terra about collateral damage. In fact, his last sword technique just tore up one of his own tables along with several nearby ghosts.

He notices Terra as he turns about to attack another group. She's fairly small-breasted so he takes the random nudity pretty well in stride.]

You seen the idiot in charge of these guys?

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[Glad that the issue of her state is either postponed or set aside, Terra allows some of those ghosts to get closer before summoning her tornadoes so that she can scatter them...or suck some in only to bash them against the nearest wall. It's handy for deflecting attacks as well, as those not caught in the grip of her winds find out. When they start to die down again, she speaks up.]

No, not yet! Maybe he's just hoping to overwhelm us with all these, first!
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[Laharl takes advantage of the disorientation her wind spells are causing to attack the ghosts before they can regain their bearings. With a swing of his sword, a blast of energy carves through a line of them.]

The coward ran off earlier. If he thinks he can hide behind sheer numbers, he's got another thing coming. These guys are pathetic!

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[And while Laharl attacks, Terra gathers her energy to strike anew. As reinforcement ghosts arrive, she sends multiple volleys of Holy missiles to tear into the enemy, knocking them back into each other.]

I've fought worse! ...though not quite so many at once before.
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Doesn't seem to be a problem for you.

[That's a decent compliment, coming from Laharl. Although please keep those Holy attacks away from him, it's such an unpleasantly clean-feeling element.

Laharl stows the sword away somewhere inside his scarf and charges into the midst of a knot of ghosts, slamming his fist down to envelop himself and the surrounding enemies in flames. He's the only one unharmed once the fire dies down.

And he doesn't seem too concerned as those on the fringes of the attack recover and move towards him.]

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It shouldn't be, as long as we can wear them down.

[Terra watches what he does with interest, curious about other abilities aside from those she's encountered during the war. And though he doesn't seem concerned about those charging, Terra nonetheless decides to contribute. She spins and summons three bursts of water from underneath those approaching, launching them into the air, making them easy targets for further attacks against them.]
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[Wear them down?] Ha! They won't last.

[That does make them easy targets, and Laharl smirks in appreciation. He leaps into the air, his scarf flaring out like wings as he pulls his sword out again, and darts towards them, his sword slicing into them as they fall.]

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[That certainly eliminates immediate concerns, though Terra still spots others in her line of sight. Her hands glow with unshed magic, and her voice is firm when she speaks up again.]

No. They won't.

[In rapid succession, she shoots off two medium-sized fireballs that slowly accelerate and home in on their enemies. The range is decent, though at this point, collateral damage is inevitable. But as long as Laharl's focus is on defeating their invaders, she'll just accept it.]
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[A fresh wave of ghosts follows after those Terra just attacked, and Laharl actually picks up one nearby that wasn't quite dead (undead? re-dead?) yet and hurls it into them. He follows after it to slash at them before they quite recover, the grin still on his face.

He's starting to get over the annoying ghost trying to usurp his throne and enjoy beating these guys up. He's rather pleased with his new vassal, too. He knew she wasn't human, but he didn't really know what that meant for her abilities until now.]

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[The grin doesn't go unnoticed, though Terra doesn't seem to share his mood. To her, combat isn't anything to revel in, especially after the way Kefka made her destroy over and over again. But she's not going to shirk it now, not that there are people to protect. There's no hesitation in her strikes, whether with claw or magic, and even as she can sense her current state to be ending soon, she'll make every moment of it count.

Terra aims a Blizzara spell at the fresh wave, but mindful not to strike Laharl in the process as well. She then charges magical energy into her arms, holding back until she absolutely can't anyore.]


[With that, she spins and whips them out to fire several crescent-shaped bands to cut through the nearest unharmed ghosts.]
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[Looking over at her shout, Laharl hops back to be out of the way of her attack. One of the ghosts also manages to avoid the attack with that warning, but that doesn't buy it much time as Laharl spots it and darts in to cut it down.

Some of the ghosts who weren't targeted seem to have taken the chance to get in some attacks of their own. Unfortunately for them, Laharl only flinches at the small thunderbolt that strikes him before charging into their midst to try to stop their spellcasting.]

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[With that latest attack, Terra reverts to her green-haired form instantly. She notices the small thunderbolt which reaches Laharl, pausing to send a Cure spell his way before conjuring a globe of darkness above the nearest to try and slam them into the ground.]
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[What, she's healing him for that?]

Don't waste your mana! I've had worse paper cuts.

[And with that he's just punching the nearest ghost in the face with his free hand, because that's always funny.]

[personal profile] narsheprincess 2014-04-03 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
I'm fine! I still--

[That one ghost is getting too close for comfort, so she summons a large block of ice to send it flying back.]
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[When she doesn't complete her sentence, Laharl shifts his attention from the ghosts still pouring in to those who've gotten past him and are headed for Terra. With another blazing fist, he takes care of a cluster of minions, clearing out more of the space between them.]

[personal profile] narsheprincess 2014-04-07 02:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[Terra nods her thanks, taking the opportunity to leap up so she can get a better view.]

I think we might be finally thinning them out!

[Maybe. Hopefully.]

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[Adell, not terribly far from the hospital himself, sees the barrage of magic Terra unleashed. All of that was extremely familiar. What wasn't, though, was the color of her Esper form. He had only seen her turn pink before, not blue. It raised questions, but ones he would have to keep to himself.

Still, when the ghosts swarmed near and looking to attack them both, Adell leapt into the air, and then rocketed toward a cluster of foes foot first. On impact, fire erupted from the earth, bathing the cluster of ghosts in searing heat, defeating them with ease.]

Amateurs. Did they really think they could get away with this?

[personal profile] narsheprincess 2014-03-28 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
[Terra, half-expecting to face curiosity, fear, or a bunch questions, seems both startled and a little relieved that Adell's reaction is none of that. Then again, they are in the middle of a massive battle. Any answers wanted will have to wait.]

They have numbers on their side, though. So far, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight!

[And while it's not at all difficult to keep hurling magic at them, Terra can't help but worry about wearing out at some point. That's what she faced just before arriving, after all. Noting Adell's attacks with interest and some admiration, she nonetheless keeps busy, summoning her tornadoes to help scatter incoming forces. Once they're stunned, Adell can do the rest.]
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Good! I could do this all day!

[He really could. He hasn't had a fight this cathartic as far back as he could remember. Most of them in the past were to murky from politics and circumstance, or left lingering questions. Not this one. This was what he was used to. Simple. Good guys versus bad, even if Laharl frequently would not constitute as "good."

But boy does he ever take advantage when he sees that opening she so kindly left for him. Following that lead, Adell pulled back his fist as though he was winding up a punch, but then dashed along the path of stunned enemies, punching them all out in rapid succession, knocking them down like dominoes.]

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[While Terra can't quite share his enthusiasm for battle, she look on in approval at his skill. He could well have been one of the soldiers in the battle between the gods, no doubt one of Cosmos' own. She's sort of grateful that didn't happen, though, as she'd much rather fight alongside him than against.]

Can you keep them distracted for a moment?

[The glow in her hands intensifies. She's building up to something....]
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Leave it to me.

[He cracks his knuckles, and quickly spun around to face the ghosts, lunging forward toward them, looking to get very up close and personal to give them a very strong, very dangerous foe in their faces while an equally dangerous foe readied to clean the slate.]

[personal profile] narsheprincess 2014-03-29 02:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you!

[Terra than concentrates, channeling the energy into one of the strongest attacks she has available. Making sure to aim away from Adell, she conjures a spherical field of energy around some of the ghosts that grows larger. Upon reaching its maximum range, it explodes and a second field is created almost immediately afterward, to repeat the effect.]
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drive by healing for cr building purposes! (sorry, so late sob)

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( yuna recognized that secondary form. from her spot on the ground, she stood for a moment, one hand grasping her staff tightly, and the other balled into a fist at her chest.

she was fighting to protect this castle, too. and vaan had helped her. there was more to her being on chaos' side than met the eye. it was the same... for him wasn't it?

wanting to believe it more than anyone, she stepped forward with a firm nod, conjuring a curaga and sending it towards the esper )


[personal profile] narsheprincess 2014-04-12 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
[The curaga catches Terra by surprise, but it's certainly welcome. That healing magic eases the attacks inflicted on her by ghosts in her blind spots or those who managed to dodge her fireballs and holy missles. She glances around, then spots the summoner.]

Thank you!

[She glides over, figuring it best to keep Yuna at her side...not only for healing when she's too busy to manage, but also to keep her out of the way of her magic.]