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[Action / Overlord's Castle]

[By now, many people have no doubt seen plenty of the Prinnies that populate the castle, and many have no doubt seen how utterly lazy and ineffectual most of them are. Well, as of today, those Prinnies are getting a lesson.

There's a new face running around the castle now, shouting at and intimidating Prinnies like a real pro, commanding them not merely with simple fear. No, this demon was clearly someone who could stir up something in Prinnies... and those who refused their re-education were summarily beaten and dragged off. One might attempt to interrupt him on his quest if one so desired.

Later, in one of the larger halls, Valvatorez gathered damn near every Prinny in the castle; the ones who all needed education. Valvatorez leads the makeshift class, speaking loudly and clearly, with a commanding voice.]

I've seen the sort of work you pathetic lot do! I've seen Slimes do a better job of keeping rooms clean than you all, and you don't drip goop everywhere you move! Whoever gave you your instruction in how to be Prinnies has done the most slapdash and insufficient job I have ever seen! You all don't even bother to obey your Master, Etna, nor your Overlord without the fear of retribution!

[He flourishes his cape to the side.]

As such, I will be your new Prinny Instructor from this day forward. I will whip the lot of you into presentable Prinnies that will not humiliate your Master or your Overlord! It's going to be long, harsh, and brutal instruction... just as it should be with your kind. But know that if you perform your re-education admirably, there will be a bonus in it for you: a fresh, tasty, sardine. I will see to it personally that every one of you that satisfactorily completes my course shall receive one.

I am Valvatorez, your Instructor! And I make the best damn Prinnies in any Netherworld anywhere. You all will be no exception. Your lessons begin now! Repeat after me!

Prinny Rule #1: You will always include the word "dood" in all of your lines!

[...This goes on for quite some time. One might attempt to interrupt, or simply wait until the lesson is over to address the demon leading the class.]
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[Laharl was wondering where all his prinnies had gotten off to. He'd been suspecting maybe a secret drinking party, and is pleasantly surprised to stumble across the impromptu classroom.

He happens in on them towards the end of the lesson, and stays to observe from the doorway until Valvatorez has finished.]

Nice work. I think you might actually turn some of these good-for-nothings around.
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[He may not like to be thanked, but he really likes being addressed as Overlord, so it more than cancels out.]

Impressive, considering what you've got to work with.

You're free to use more extreme measures if you need to. You wouldn't want any of this lot to break your record.
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I'm sure I'll have more... specific tasks in mind once you've beaten the basics into them.

Besides, with all you newcomers and the dimensional paths unusable, they should have more than enough extra work to do.
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[The smirk fades from Laharl's face at that pseudo-question.]

Not really. She says she hasn't made any progress with it, but at least we haven't had anyone else come through in a few days.
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I've never seen her snap like that, but they do say it's always the quiet ones.

[Still, it's easier to imagine her murdering someone in their sleep.]