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An Announcement [Backdated to March 13th]

[Later in the day, once everyone has had time to determine they aren't in Kansas anymore and can't get back there, they might find themselves approached by prinnies. The little plush creatures will simply say that 'The Prince wants you in the throne room, dood' before wandering off again.

If they follow these instructions, they'll find Laharl standing before his throne with his arms folded. Once enough people appear to have gathered, he speaks.]

For those of you who haven't already barged into my throne room today, I am Overlord Laharl. This is my castle, and you're all intruders here.

But considering it was unintentional, I'm willing to allow you to stay here until the Dimensional Gate is fixed, under certain conditions. Either you can make yourselves useful as my vassals, or you can pay rent. Those are your options.

Anyone who doesn't agree to them will be made to see reason.
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[Betrayus wastes no time in floating directly up to Laharl, aggravated and not to mention somewhat offended by the demon's proposition.]

Excuse YOU, since you clearly have no idea who you're talking to - I'm the Overlord of MY OWN Netherworld, and whether or not I'm in someone else's I'm NO ONE'S vassal! Why should I have to pay anything either?!

Besides, what's a kid like you doing in charge? I have a hard time believing YOU'RE the real ruler!
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[The ghost looks skeptical.]

You look and sound like a child. What was I supposed to think?!
And I would GLADLY get out and go back home, except in case you forgot, I CAN'T! Do I also need to remind you who's fault that is? Because it isn't MINE!

[He points a sharp metal finger at Laharl.]

Oh, I understand making commoners pay or serve you, but if you really ARE the ruler here then you should be honored to host a fellow Overlord!
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Well I'M--


How old is he again?
Looks like he forgot. Yeah, that kind of happens when you're a ghost for a long time.
His species is very long-lived, so he could be older than Laharl... possibly...
This isn't helping him though.]

... Never mind! I'll focus on whatever I like!

Hmm, but you do have a point...
Alright, since I already have a civilization I'm at war with, how about a sort of... temporary alliance? Something we both benefit from until I can return to my own world!

[He's hardly all over the idea, but it's a better alternative to him than trying to fight the demon prince on his own territory. Bets talks big, but not having his army puts him at a huge disadvantage. He's on his own while Laharl's got all his vassals. He was a military tactician, so even he knows that's a bad idea.]
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Glad you asked!

In life I was, and of course still am, a masterful military tactician and brilliant commander! In fact, I was nearly successful in conquering my entire home world before losing my physical form and claiming the Netherworld as my domain!
Even as spooks, specters and spirits my army continues to obey every last one of my orders loyally and without question! If your vassals need whipping into shape, and from the looks of things I'd say they do, I'm certain I can have them answering nothing but "Yes sir!" before breakfast tomorrow! Besides, you mentioned you earned the throne by beating all your competitors, right? Well, then I'll prove VERY valuable in making sure you keep it!

Plus, I can't die, and I can fly, phase through any solid matter, posses living beings, not to mention...

[Sharply grinning, he holds out his arms to suddenly create an enormous, blazing tower of flame around and behind him... and that's just him showing off.]

You've got to have some use for THAT!
So how about it?
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[Ugh, this kid is annoying. The ghost lord isn't sure how much longer he can play nice with him to work out a compromise.
He's also starting to want to less and less.]

I told you, I don't serve ANYONE! My offer is one where I give you my help... WITH the understanding that YOU'RE not in charge!
I'll assist you at my discretion but I WON'T take orders! How is that anything but perfectly reasonable!?

[Especially since the only reason Laharl has any kind of upper hand right now is because it's his Netherworld.
As far as Bets believes, anyway.]