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An Announcement [Backdated to March 13th]

[Later in the day, once everyone has had time to determine they aren't in Kansas anymore and can't get back there, they might find themselves approached by prinnies. The little plush creatures will simply say that 'The Prince wants you in the throne room, dood' before wandering off again.

If they follow these instructions, they'll find Laharl standing before his throne with his arms folded. Once enough people appear to have gathered, he speaks.]

For those of you who haven't already barged into my throne room today, I am Overlord Laharl. This is my castle, and you're all intruders here.

But considering it was unintentional, I'm willing to allow you to stay here until the Dimensional Gate is fixed, under certain conditions. Either you can make yourselves useful as my vassals, or you can pay rent. Those are your options.

Anyone who doesn't agree to them will be made to see reason.
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...How much is rent?

[She's not agreeing to putting herself in servitude again this early.]
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I have no valuables on me, either.

[Even if she did, she wouldn't give them to him. She frowns gently, her eyebrows furrowing.]

...I suppose I could offer you protection.
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It's protection for your life. That's what kind of offer it is.

[She crosses her arms. She's so serious about this.]
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...Fine. Fighting for you, then.

[She scoffs. This entire incident is starting to give her a headache.]

And you'd be surprised what a human can do, Overlord.

[Unbeknownst to Laharl, a miniature devil girl, roused by the confrontation between him and her owner, pops out of her egg hidden somewhere on Utau's person. She sizes him up, her eyes narrowing slightly at his temerity.] Who the hell does this scrawny little punk think he is, huh, Utau!? Doesn't he know that he should feel honoured that you're offering to serve him anyway?

[At her Guardian Character's snide comment, a hint of a smirk makes its way onto Utau's lips, but overall, her annoyed expression towards Laharl doesn't change. In fact, it only seems to grow as she raises an eyebrow.] ...Well then, Overlord? [It's evident that she's using his title in disdain at this point.]
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[Laharl's invitation only gets the Guardian Character excited to display her skills, a sudden zeal overtaking her previous anger.] C'mon, Utau! Let's show this little brat exactly how strong Lunatic Charm is and make him pay for insulting you earlier! [She floats over towards Laharl, making punching gestures towards his face. While she's certainly not visible to him, the gusts of wind from each swing she makes can certainly be felt.

Regardless, Utau doesn't seem to listen to the devil's suggestion to transform, that ghost of a smile still present on her features. She stays that way without saying a word before finally chuckling under her breath, placing a hand on her hip.]

...Fine, then. I will. Be sure to look forward to it, Overlord.

[And with a prompt turn on her heels, she begins to walk off towards the opposite direction, her Guardian Character reluctantly leaving Laharl as her 'punching bag' to follow after her with a pout on her lips.]