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An Announcement [Backdated to March 13th]

[Later in the day, once everyone has had time to determine they aren't in Kansas anymore and can't get back there, they might find themselves approached by prinnies. The little plush creatures will simply say that 'The Prince wants you in the throne room, dood' before wandering off again.

If they follow these instructions, they'll find Laharl standing before his throne with his arms folded. Once enough people appear to have gathered, he speaks.]

For those of you who haven't already barged into my throne room today, I am Overlord Laharl. This is my castle, and you're all intruders here.

But considering it was unintentional, I'm willing to allow you to stay here until the Dimensional Gate is fixed, under certain conditions. Either you can make yourselves useful as my vassals, or you can pay rent. Those are your options.

Anyone who doesn't agree to them will be made to see reason.
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What the...?

I can't be a vassal to a demon! What the heck?!

[She'll be tossed out of church for sure!]
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Hello! I'm a demon hunter! I can't go around working for a demon!

I'll never be the Maiden of Light this way!

... ...

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An angel? Why would you have an angel... urgh, wait a sec...

[She starts looking for her money to pull out... well, sure they aren't Hells, but unless you have the great conversion rate in the universe... yeah, it's obvious she barely has enough for a few meals... never mind the rent. Dammit, her brother was the one with the team's cash...]

... damn penny-ante church...
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I kinda pity her...

[Urgh, she hates to admit it... but he's right. She doesn't WANT to work for a demon... but it's either that or get tossed to the streets. Plus... she kinda already made it clear that she was staying in the castle until that gate was fixed...]

... so... now what?
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[She's not happy about this one bit and it shows. But right now... it's not as if she has a lot of choices. On the bright side... more demons to beat up!

And so, with extreme reluctance and disdain...]


But don't expect me to do this forever! As soon as this gate is fixed, I'm outta here, and we never speak of this again! Got that!
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Excuse me? What's THAT supposed to mean?
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Are you telling me it's going to take over an hundred years to fix the gate?!
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No, no, NO!

It's not going to take that long! And if it does, I'll find another gate, no matter who I need to beat up to get to it.

Yep! No problems here.

[It's not quite obvious if she's just trying to pep talk herself, if she's trying to be optimistic, or just delusional.]
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Shut up! There's always a way!

But anyway, now that this is settled... where's my room?

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[She WAS about to pass a comment on just how irresponsible the kid was but... wait, she can probably take advantage of this...]

Okay then~

I'll see you later~

[And off she goes, to find the best room in the Castle.]
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