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An Announcement [Backdated to March 13th]

[Later in the day, once everyone has had time to determine they aren't in Kansas anymore and can't get back there, they might find themselves approached by prinnies. The little plush creatures will simply say that 'The Prince wants you in the throne room, dood' before wandering off again.

If they follow these instructions, they'll find Laharl standing before his throne with his arms folded. Once enough people appear to have gathered, he speaks.]

For those of you who haven't already barged into my throne room today, I am Overlord Laharl. This is my castle, and you're all intruders here.

But considering it was unintentional, I'm willing to allow you to stay here until the Dimensional Gate is fixed, under certain conditions. Either you can make yourselves useful as my vassals, or you can pay rent. Those are your options.

Anyone who doesn't agree to them will be made to see reason.
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[Well, okay, that sounds reasonable. The Galaxy Mage standing well behind anyone else in the room has some questions about it though, even if it takes her several moments to bring herself to ask them.]

U-um, excuse me!

What sort of tasks would the first option involve, and...and how much would it cost for the second?
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[For a single and very brief moment, Stella's response consists entirely of an expression best described as "WHAT."]
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[But it just as quickly fades into one of reluctant acceptance.]

I guess I should start looking to see what kind of work needs to be done... [There should be something that she'd be able to help out with. ...right?

In fact, when it comes to looking for work, wouldn't it be best to ask the person in charge of everything?]
Would there be any need for a mage here? I—I know all four of the elements, fire, wind, ice, and star...
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[Meanwhile, from behind Laharl a fallen angel appears, folding her arms and frowning something fierce. She heard that Laharl.

She clears her throat to gain Laharl's attention.]
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I know them all up to the Giga level, but... [Stella is about to explain that she's out of practice with most Megas or Gigas with the exception of Giga Star, which happens to be her favorite, but she similarly trails off; she doesn't need to feel that disapproving stare when she can actually see it.]
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[She frowns EVEN MORE.]

But that's WAY too much, Laharl! No one will be able to pay that!
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[That's... a rather large number, there, Overlord. Either the Hell is a heavily inflated currency or you're being terribly unreasonable - possibly both at the same time. ...and then there's the fallen angel standing behind you, looking annoyed. Man, did this shit just get complicated...]

Um, just curious, is the local currency on the gold standard?
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[By this point, the Galaxy Mage has fallen completely silent, unwilling to interrupt the scene that's started to unfold before her.]
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[NO Laharl. No. Also... oh hello someone else new. She...... has no idea what he's talking about.]
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[That's not... exactly the answer he was hoping for. Here's hoping there's someone somewhere in this place with some remotely accurate conversion figures, cause he has a bag full of *old* European coins, most of them gold and silver. As for the scene... yeah, gonna sit back and watch, too. Anyone bring popcorn?]
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[No popcorn here, sorry Soma.]

What a way to end my school-day... [That's mostly mumbled to herself, but anyone close enough will probably overhear.]
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Can't you be reasonable, Laharl?

[Come on, Laharl, don't make her have to start makin' faces at you.]
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[Hmm, no popcorn... Ah, hell with it. Want some curry, Stella? Soma seems to have acquired two plates of it from nowhere. Extra spicy.]
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[Oh no. Nonono. Please no spicy stuff. She still hasn't fully recovered from the time that one of the club members had replaced all of her soda with habanero sauce.]
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No, that's still far too much! More like [insert a number that's like... a 5th of what he originally said.]

[She has her hands on her hips now. Not backing down, NOPE.]
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[Your loss, Stella. He'll just take a random seat and start lunch.]

[Omnomnom, wait, being addressed, let him put away the curry for a sec...]

Um, yeah, I can pay. Turns out there's a decent conversion between thousand-year-old Romanian gold and Hell. But I'm curious - what does this 'vassal' thing entail?
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[Stella had asked that same question earlier, more or less, before Soma got involved in this exchange. So, at the very least, she can spare their unwilling host the trouble of answering again.]

U-um, he'd said that depends on what we're able to do to help out around here. [She's not sure how she feels about the idea of being put on security as Laharl had been about to suggest when Flonne intervened, when normally she actively avoids setting people on fire unless it's specifically to defend herself.

Still, that might be what it comes down to for her.]
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[...Wow. She actually low-balled that. She's a little surprised he took it, but quickly looks pleased. She still doesn't particularly LIKE doing this to these poor people, but... well least it's better.]

There are a lot of things that can be done around the castle!

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