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Welcome to the Netherworld!

[It is difficult to define what a normal afternoon is by Netherworld standards. In the dark, torch-lit halls of the Overlord's Castle, penguin-suited prinnies totter about pretending to do work, while most other vassals make no effort at all to pretend. No fights have broken out yet, but it is questionable how long that will last with the Overlord being awake. It is just the sort of calm that comes before something unexpected happens, or someone makes it happen out of boredom.

And that is precisely when the first stranger comes through the swirling vortex of the Dimensional Gate.

It doesn't seem so unusual at first, because people use that gate on a daily basis. But more people start to show up, people who aren't demons. The Gatekeeper herself has no idea where they've come from, or how they've found their way to the Netherworld.

Unfortunately, neither do the unexpected guests.]
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[The throne room. It always seemed to be the throne room that held the answers.

Except they were never really answers, were they? Last time it was a crazy cultist, this time a kid with blue antenna hair. Given that the rest of the castle was full of demons, he suspected that appearances meant precisely nil - between that and the demonic aura this 'kid' was giving off just sitting there was enough to tell him to be on his guard.

...though it was kind of hard when the 'demon' he was looking at was sitting there, playing a video game. Hello, culture shock. Thankfully he hasn't attacked anyone - yet - but the sword's still handy. The big, shiny, holy-light-emitting sword.]

So... uh. Are you the overlord here?
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[Laharl glances over, looking annoyed already. Possibly because he still hasn't managed to find a damn save point.]

That's right.

Let me guess, you came in here to complain about my gate and demand I send you home?
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[Annoyed demon. Right. At least he's not attacking, that's a good sign. Isn't it?]

Something like that. I'm guessing that's not an option?

[Yeah, that's not the first time he's been told that. At least this time the guy doing the telling doesn't appear to want to send him on a life-altering quest. So, he's gonna sigh and wander over to see what game is being played. Oh, hey! He knows this one!]

...Man, you're gonna want to find a save soon. There's a huge boss battle up ahead. Take lots of antidotes, or do you maybe have that one ring that blocks poison?
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No, but you're free to get the hell out of my castle.

[Oh great, it's another backseat gamer.]

Has everyone played this game before me!? If I wanted a walkthrough, I would've found one already!
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Sorry, sorry. I just remember that one being a real pain to beat, and there's not really any warning about its preferred element before the fight.

[He'll be backing away now, and the sword's been put away too.]

How do you go about getting out of here, anyway? I tried the main gate, but the gargoyle just yawned and said he'd open it later. Maybe. If I paid him.

[Nope, not gonna let on that he could fly out if he wanted to. Plus he kind of wants some idea where to go when he leaves, to be honest.]
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[Laharl gives him a weird look. So he was trying to be helpful while he pretended to be threatening? Whatever.]

Again? I don't know when he finds time to close it when I've never seen him move from that spot...

One of the others has to be open. Use that.
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[Time to get while the gettin's good? You bet your ass. Don't be surprised if he turns up again, though, what with this being the Netherworld. He may even have his own mansion by then. If someone bothers to point out to him how things actually work here.]