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Welcome to the Netherworld!

[It is difficult to define what a normal afternoon is by Netherworld standards. In the dark, torch-lit halls of the Overlord's Castle, penguin-suited prinnies totter about pretending to do work, while most other vassals make no effort at all to pretend. No fights have broken out yet, but it is questionable how long that will last with the Overlord being awake. It is just the sort of calm that comes before something unexpected happens, or someone makes it happen out of boredom.

And that is precisely when the first stranger comes through the swirling vortex of the Dimensional Gate.

It doesn't seem so unusual at first, because people use that gate on a daily basis. But more people start to show up, people who aren't demons. The Gatekeeper herself has no idea where they've come from, or how they've found their way to the Netherworld.

Unfortunately, neither do the unexpected guests.]
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[After being directed to the throne room by the gatekeeper, Utau just... barges in, really, without even having the courtesy to knock first. She's way too annoyed with this entire predicament to care much about formalities, and she's not even fazed by the numerous demons gathered inside either. Really, all she wants is for this to be over. It doesn't take her long to deduce exactly who the Overlord is, unbelievable as it is considering the... boy sitting on the throne, so she cuts right to the chase.]

Since your gatekeeper seems to be utterly useless, then I'll ask you. Send me home. Now.
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[Okay, these interruptions are starting to get on his nerves. He stubbornly doesn't look up from his game.]

Find your own way home! If you can't tell her the coordinates of whatever backwoods town you came from, that's not my problem.
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No, your gatekeeper says that your little "dimensional gate" is broken.

[She huffs and takes a step forward, placing a hand on her hip.]

So, as Overlord, it's your job to either fix it or send us home yourself. Your choice.
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[He pauses the game and looks at her, because something seems off about this and it's not just what she's saying...]

What the hell is a human doing here?

[Not that humans haven't been to the Netherworld before, but the most recent bunch came on spaceships. Kind of hard to miss.]
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[Finally, some sort of acknowledgement; he may be the Overlord but that insolence of him ignoring her in favour of video games was beginning to irk her. Still, she doesn't move from her stance, glaring directly at Laharl when he speaks.]

That's the same question I was wondering. What am I doing here?

[There's a pause before she scoffs, flicking her bangs out of her face.]

Tch... Though, it doesn't seem like you know either.
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[She's got some spunk for a human, taking that attitude with him.]

Back up a second. How did you get here? It doesn't sound like you came with Gordon's EDF or anything.
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I came in through the gate.

[Rather, fell through.]

Then your gatekeeper said she was unable to send me home and directed me to you.
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Were you playing with magic or something? There shouldn't be any open portals to Earth.
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...No, I wasn't.

[Not that her magic can even do anything of the sort like open portals to Netherworlds.]

Thus leading us back to the guiding question of what's going on.
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[It is a good question. Why would anyone want to send a human to the Netherworld with no explanation? Even if she's lying, she'd make a poor assassin. ...though maybe not as bad as Flonne.]

My gatekeeper understands it the best. She'll have to figure out the problem.

You mentioned others. How many of you are there?
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I don't know, I didn't count.

[Nor did she really care. All she's concerned about is getting herself back home; the others can stay here for the rest of their lives in her eyes.]

All I know is that it's a large group, so I'm certain you'll be hearing a lot more complaints.
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I should be the one complaining, getting saddled with a bunch of humans. You're useless enough already as prinnies.

[Ugh. What is he going to do with them? That demon kid from earlier was one thing, but if he turns human civilians out of the castle... They'd make easy targets.]
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[The unknown word is enough to break Utau's cold expression, if only for a bit. She raises an eyebrow slightly.]

What are they?
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Human souls stuffed inside bird costumes. You must've seen them on your way here.
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I have. But I didn't think that's what they were.
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Not what you imagined your death was going to look like?
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Not necessarily.
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Well, it's pretty likely. You may not find yourself in my Netherworld, but most humans have at least a few sins to work off.
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So, it's servitude in exchange for atonement.

[...Hm. Sounds similar to Easter in which she had to work there for her father's "sins".]
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[That's really all she says. The thought is sickening to her, really, but it's something she's used to.]

In any case, I'll be taking my leave now. I've said all I had to.