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Welcome to the Netherworld!

[It is difficult to define what a normal afternoon is by Netherworld standards. In the dark, torch-lit halls of the Overlord's Castle, penguin-suited prinnies totter about pretending to do work, while most other vassals make no effort at all to pretend. No fights have broken out yet, but it is questionable how long that will last with the Overlord being awake. It is just the sort of calm that comes before something unexpected happens, or someone makes it happen out of boredom.

And that is precisely when the first stranger comes through the swirling vortex of the Dimensional Gate.

It doesn't seem so unusual at first, because people use that gate on a daily basis. But more people start to show up, people who aren't demons. The Gatekeeper herself has no idea where they've come from, or how they've found their way to the Netherworld.

Unfortunately, neither do the unexpected guests.]
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[in strides Troubadour, looking very dramatic with his long ponytail and red cape billowing behind him! He is determined and manly! So mysterious! So confused as to why a child is on the throne!

wait what

Pardon me, boy, but where is the Prince? I seek an audience with him!
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[Sigh. Apparently his vassals aren't using his new title, or at least not all of them.]

Then you seek an audience with me.

[He's about to say he can guess what this is about, but then... the last weirdo brought up something pretty unexpected. Maybe he'll just wait and see.]
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[he stops in front of the throne, hands on his hips. THIS is the prince? He's like two times shorter than Troubadour...not counting his rather odd hair style. Ah, but perhaps there is a trace of nobility in his features...if you squint]

R-Really? Ah, well then! Ahem!

[he grins, extending a hand]

I am Troubadour, Your Highness, and I have come to seek your aid in defeating the demonic Overlord that has trapped several innocent people here!
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[Laharl just has to

stare for a minute.]
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Defeat the Overlord?

Hm... hmhmhm...

[Yeah, that's. that's laughter coming.]
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Man, that's a good one. You really have no idea who you're speaking to, do you?
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[what a...happy child. Taking a startled step backwards, Troubadour stares up at Laharl, obviously confused]

Th-The Prince, of course! As you yourself confirmed! Why are you laughing?
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"Prince" is my former title, which some of my vassals have a tendency to forget.

You may properly address me as Overlord Laharl.
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You heard me.

I guess you don't think you can defeat me on your own, or you wouldn't have come looking for help.
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[DIRECT HIT] Hgh--! Th-that isn't true! You can't be a prince and a demon overlord! You''re a child!
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I'm not a child. I'm 1313 years old.

And I am the Overlord. Or do you need me to prove it?
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[yeah well Troubadour is [REDACTED] so you're still a kid!]

Yes! Yes, I demand you give me your proof! The sooner this farce ends, the sooner I can talk to the real Overlord!
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Didn't really think you'd ask for it.

[No he is the most grown up mentally. Yeah not really he's totally a kid.

Laharl stands from the throne and raises a fist which is very quickly enveloped in flames.]

I'd dodge this if I were you.

[With that, he leaps up to slam that fist down about where Troubadour is standing.]
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Geh! [he does dodge, flying easily up and backwards, gritting his teeth as he lands with a swirl of his cloak]

Brute violence! Any demon can do the same! It hardly makes you an Overlord!

[thought it IS surprising such a small boy can do such a fierce attack...]
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Don't be stupid. Violence is exactly how a demon claims the title of Overlord.

That was one of my lowest level attacks. I can be a lot more persuasive.
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[he lands further away and brings out his harp from behind him]

I was hesitant to use this on a child, but you leave me no choice! A demon is simply a demon, after all! Mushi Mushi Shoukanka!

[he begins to sing, a dark aura coming off him in waves, his voice echoing and more than a little creepy]

Mushi mushi mushishi shi mushi mushi--
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[Sadly that song does nothing to fend off the fist flying straight for Troubadour's face. Actually it pretty much incited it.]

Ugh- Were you singing a bug song at me!?

[Laharl gives a shudder, trying to shake off that squirmy feeling.]
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[knocked back by the punch, he staggers and ends up falling onto his butt at Laharl's feet. He claps his hand over his nose, reeling from the force of the hit]

I-Ith a curthing thong!
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You were just saying "bugs" over and over again! That's not a curse, it's just lame!

And that's the attack you try to use against an Overlord? It's insulting!
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Hnngh! Why does everyone keep saying that!? The lyrics don't matter!
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Of course they do! Attack words should instill fear in your enemy. No one could possibly take an attack like that seriously!
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All that matters is that I'll have you begging me to stop! Your first punch was a lucky shot...!

[he starts again, those same awful lyrics, only this time he's back up in the air and flying in random patterns]

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[This crawling sensation is annoying, but it's nothing compared to "Eternal Love."

Laharl draws his sword and launches himself into the air on his scarf. If Troubadour wants to fly serpentine, then fine. Laharl will just opt for an attack with a wide strike zone so it will probably hit him anyway. Hope you like Winged Slayer!]

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