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Welcome to the Netherworld!

[It is difficult to define what a normal afternoon is by Netherworld standards. In the dark, torch-lit halls of the Overlord's Castle, penguin-suited prinnies totter about pretending to do work, while most other vassals make no effort at all to pretend. No fights have broken out yet, but it is questionable how long that will last with the Overlord being awake. It is just the sort of calm that comes before something unexpected happens, or someone makes it happen out of boredom.

And that is precisely when the first stranger comes through the swirling vortex of the Dimensional Gate.

It doesn't seem so unusual at first, because people use that gate on a daily basis. But more people start to show up, people who aren't demons. The Gatekeeper herself has no idea where they've come from, or how they've found their way to the Netherworld.

Unfortunately, neither do the unexpected guests.]
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[A rather confused and concerned Flonne finally wandering into the throne room and up to Laharl.]

Um... Laharl...?
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[He almost seems glad to see her. Or maybe he just finally spotted a save point.]

Have you seen Etna?
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Eh? Etna?

[That throws her off her thoughts and she has to ponder that for a moment.]

Ah, now that you mention it... No, I haven't seen her.
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Damn. I wanted her help in throwing that lot out of the castle...

[Saaave point. All right, now he can actually give this problem his full attention.]
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[Oh Laharl... you and your video games. Meanwhile, Flonne looks a little... not liking how he put that.]

You're going to just throw them all out?
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[Somehow he didn't expect to have Flonne's approval on this one.]

What else do you expect me to do with them? They don't belong here.
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No, they don't. They don't belong in the Netherworld at all.

[You see what she's getting at, Laharl? ...wait.]

Ah, well, most of them anyways.

[There's certainly a couple exceptions...]
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Exactly. That's why they need to leave.

[...maybe he doesn't see her point, no.]
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Where do you propose they go then?

[Now she's almost confused. He knows something is wrong with the gate, right?]
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I don't really care as long as they're out of my way.
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What? Why should they be my responsibility when they just blundered into my castle by accident?
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But there's something wrong with the dimensional gate.
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And I'll see about having it fixed, but it's not my fault it's broken.
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Of course it isn't your fault, but that doesn't mean we can just toss them all out!

I'm not sure that would be a very good idea, either...
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I guess some of them might get killed...
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Yes! And some of them look pretty strong... demons might get killed too.

And what would the Netherworld think of the Overlord allowing all these people to wander around?

[Flonne's having a smart moment.]
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Really? You think some of them are that strong?

[He hasn't been terribly impressed with those that came to bother him so far.]

Well, I can't just allow them to wander around my castle either. Not for free anyway. This isn't some kind of shelter.
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Yes! I think so... And more keep appearing.

[Well, okay... Kain might've been the only one. Although, there was that one girl with the orangey hair. Who's oddly familiar.]

I wasn't trying to suggest that! But... there has to be something we can do.
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Ugh... We haven't even been able to close off the gate?

[Shouldn't they at least be able to stop any more people from arriving even if they can't send them back?]

...I could take them on as vassals.
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Ah, no... The Gatekeeper says she really doesn't know what's going on or how to fix it. She seemed kind of a bit frazzled.

[Which is saying something.]


[She's thinking of her run-in with the ghost who seems to be a kind of Overlord himself... she's...... unsure this is a good plan.]
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[That is saying something. Laharl has trouble picturing her frazzled...]

Don't tell me you have a problem with that, too.
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W-well... I'm not sure many of them would agree to that.
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Then I'll just have to persuade them.
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[Oh boy... Flonne is just... not sure about this.]

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